# Maitec: Wood Gold Vivid

National Museum of Art of Romania

October 31st 2019 – March 29th, 2020

Curated by Irina Ungureanu

From October 30th, 2019, to March 29th, 2020, the National Museum of Art of Romania presented the exhibition #Maitec Wood Gold Vivid, the largest retrospective of the last decade dedicated to Sultana and Ovidiu Maitec, in an original visual dialogue with Dana & Stéphane Maitec.

Two generations of artists of the same family, three different artistic languages – painting, sculpture, photography -, 4 destinies that shaped themselves together, in the effervescent search of an original voice and a path in art: this is the Maitec story, which overlaps and interferes with the evolution of Romanian art of the last half of a century.

Recognized today as one of the most renowned Romanian sculptors after Brâncuși, Ovidiu Maitec is an artist who evolved beyond his era: born in 1925 and trained in the epoch of socialist realism, at the beginning of the ‘60s he had the revelation of the perforated form, which would consecrate him definitively as “the sculptor who introduced light into the material”, as Mircea Eliade pointed out. The exhibition aims, at the same time, to portray the exceptional destiny of an artist – Sultana Maitec – who decided a spectacular break from the dominant figurative trend of the era, opting for the non-figurative painting in the technique of gold leaf.

Wood Gold Vivid proposed a contemporary perspective on the two artists’ creation, in dialogue with a new artistic language: photography. Stéphane Maitec, the son of the two artists, has been working, since 2002, together with Dana Maitec: an artist duo, who have built an impressive international career in artistic photography. In this exhibition, the artist duo present a visually spectacular experiment in their new series, Reflections, which brings to foreground, by means of a fascinating game of reflections, a new fluid artistic genre – art mirroring vivid – and a new approach on light.

The exhibition has brought to attention the largest selection of works by Ovidiu and Sultana Maitec since their last exhibition together, held at the National Museum of Art of Romania in 2001: over 70 sculptures by Ovidiu Maitec and over 50 paintings by Sultana Maitec were at the core of the couple’s retrospective show, while Dana & Stéphane Maitec showcased 50 works and interactive installation.

#Kultpop by Loredana Negrilă @ TVR1


#Kultpop. Cele mai apreciate lucrări ale familiei Maitec sunt expuse la Muzeul Naţional de Artă Al României. Este, de altfel, şi cea mai vizitată expoziţie de la începutul acestui an.

Gepostet von Ştirile TVR am Montag, 27. Januar 2020


Vizual, by Marius Constantinescu @ TVR3

Lemn Aur Lumină, documentary by Ileana Ploscaru Panait @TVR3

Read more about the artists here: www.maitec.ro

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Download here the exhibition catalogue

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