Art Theorema #2



Art Theorema #2

Imago Mundi – Luciano Benetton Collection

Antiga Edizioni, 2020, 468 p.

Curated by Claudio Scorretti and Irina Ungureanu

With Art Theorema #2, the most recent project curated by Claudio Scorretti and Irina Ungureanu within the frame of Imago Mundi – Luciano Benetton collection, the research focuses on the concept of Imago Mundi which gives the title to the entire art collection. Going back in history, the term was used for the first time in an Imago Mundi encyclopedia, written in the 1400s by Cardinal Pierre d’Ailly, and which Christopher Columbus took with him on his journey to discover the Americas. Starting on these grounds, we challenged the invited artists to draw an updated Imago Mundi. How does the world look like today? How much do we know? What is it left to discover? The result of this research reflects the diversity, the tensions, the curiosities, but above all the living testimonies of what we call “globality”, as expressed by the 202 works of the 179 artists who responded. Art Theorema #2 is an experimental exercise, a comprehensive collection and individual reflection on the consequences, opportunities and limitations of the new global logic that wants to break the margins of the art market to extend it to understand the world itself. The project will continue with Art Theorema #3 currently in progress.

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