Madár Réka, Dissection

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April 23st – May 17th, 2019

From April 23rd to May 17th, 2019, Estopia Art Gallery presents the exhibition Dissection, by Madár Réka. A show, which brings forth a true cut in Réka’s personal biography and artistic path. The new Dissection series reveals a new approach and even a new identity for Madár Réka, known until now as Ugron Réka.

A personal experience of breaking with her own past has turned, in the last one year and a half, into a powerful shift in her art, too. If in the last 5 years Réka has made herself known in the field of figurative painting, with a unique visual mark inspired by surrealist and hyperrealist art, with echoes from pop art, the artist is currently moving, in this new surprising series, towards abstract art. “Almost in all my works there is a form cut, like in a dissection. It is a very intimate experience, which implies, at the same time, a gesture of total self-exposure, but there is also my strong wish to break, to cut with a certain way of being, with a certain world: this is my own inner laboratory, a cathartic process, at the end of which I can anticipate my healing”.

Madár Réka brings to life contrasting elements, similar to frames of her life frozen in time, in a dream-like reality. Between metaphysics and surrealism, a mysterious wire brings together the realities that were once together. In the series of new works, the dissection between what was and what currently is brings it all together. With elements almost appealing to a past chapter of life, the new and old merge and converge, through dissections of colour and shape. The coldness of grey cuts like steel in the splashes of colour, while a play on the three dimensionality of shapes brings texture to emotions, like a cold room filled with sudden bursts of life. The recurring elements of the wires and non-homogeneous backgrounds give the idea of blur, yet accompanied with razor sharp definition. In her works, the viewer can see what resembles stale water pipe, while floating triangles appear bringing spatiality and movement to static environments. Escheresque stairs can be seen inside boxes rocking you back and forth between metaphysics and infinite perceptions. The works can seem both dream like and real, while elements of abstract fantasy play a key role.

Irina Ungureanu
Edwin Hughes Scorretti