Marina Aristotel, AASAMBLAJ

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February 21st – March 15th, 2019

Estopia is pleased to announce the second exhibition on the agenda of its project focused on showcasing the most innovative Romanian young artists: AASAMBLAJ by Marina Aristotel.

With a BA and MA in Painting earned from the Bucharest University of Arts, Marina Aristotel has shaped herself a distinct profile among the young Romanian abstracts, by choosing to work with a media that has become in the past few years her dominant visual mark: resin. Her new series, AASAMBLAJ, brings forth a surprising change in the artist’s path: cuts, assemblage and layering, together with a diversification of working materials, are all part of a manifesto for flexibility, one in which the artist plays freely with the pieces of her work, while recomposing different slices of life into a renewed, coherent and revealing approach.

In this new assemblage, the resin displays are primary pieces to showcase a singular moment framed, instilled in time and mind, unalterable by the outside world, while the superposition of various layers coming with the latest series provide a cross section of moments, colors and emotions: an experimental collage, where initial impulse and geometric control meet into a surprisingly vivid show of chromatic explorations, light and shapes. Aristotel’s works truly reflect the application of a three dimensional reconstruction of vision and memories through contemporary techniques, in a fresh and refined artistic approach.

Curator: Edwin Hughes Scorretti